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Black Riffle Coffe Company™: BRCC is a veteran owned and operated high-quality, roast-to-order, coffee company for the pro 2A and veteran communities. For every product they sell a donoation goes to veterans, gun-rights groups and wounded police officers and family.  ​The Bunker is proud to be the only dealer in the Austin area for this fine product. ​BRCC is a hot seller so please call or message us first (FaceBook) to ensure we have your blend available.
Fire Dept. Coffee™: ​Founded by U.S. military veterans and current firefighters. They also give a portion of every sale back to military and firefighter charities. ​The Bunker is proud to be the only dealer in TEXAS for this fine product.
Lucky Shot™: ​Lucky Shot U.S.A. is a family-owned and operated company. All products are crafted from 100% made munitions once fired by our nation's military.They have a full line of products upcycled from repurposed ammo and artilery shells. From shot glasses to jewelry to man-cave accessories, you'll find it all at the Bunker.
Water is the key to life! You can only survive three days without water in most situations depending on the weather and the level of physical activity. Having access to water, filtration and water storage is imperative in any emergency. The rules of thumb in prepping is to have a  three different ways of accomplishing any one task. In case one option fails, you have at least two more alternatives to fall back on. This is why we offer many options to you, so you always have access to drinking water.
We carry a wide range of water and water filtration products to meet your needs
The Lifestraw™: This little genius filters 264 gallons of water and will meet your emergency needs for up to 10 months. It is lightweight and portable-Perfect for camping, hiking, travel and a must-have for any bug-out-bag!
Water Tablets: Purifies water in 35 minutes. A bottle of 50 tablets disinfects up to 25 quarts.
Water storage: We carry( in-store purchase only) 15, 30 and 50 gallon water storage containers kits. These are designed specifically for water and come with a siphon hose and bung wrench.
Canned water: Good for 30 years and impervious to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Available for purchase by the can or the case. Buy and store- it's that easy!
Water Packets: Emergency drinking water that comes in easy to open packets. Datrex™ water packets are U.S. Coast guard approved and good for 7+ years. They are the perfect addition to any bug-out-bag, as well as handy for any outdoor activities. Available for purchase by the pack or case.
The Water Brick™: Designed by a Vietnam Veteran it is the modern-day version of the ammo can, yet it is BPA Free and used for water storage. This little gem has so many uses; you are only limited by your own imagination! Food storage, hidden caches...you decide!
  1. Lifestraw
  2. Canned Water
    Canned Water
  3. Water Brick
    Water Brick
  4. Water Packets
    Water Packets
  5. Water Storage
    Water Storage
  6. Water Tablets
    Water Tablets
Food storage and supplies are a necessity in any situation. Depending on the type emergency and duration, you would need to look at a number of different options. Once you put your food plan into action, everything else will easily fall into place.
Emergency Preparedness
Different emergencies require different plans, so make sure you have multiple options to work with when it comes to your food supply. The Bunker has simplified this process for you, so that you and your family’s needs are met for any situation.
Level 1 Food Plan A
High-calorie energy bars are considered “fast food” in any preparation plan. Energy bars taste different from store-bought candy bars, but they give you the fuel your body needs in an emergency. There are perfect for hiking and they are a must-have in any bug-out-bag. A person on the road can energize with these bars, especially if it's not possible to cook or build a fire for safety reasons.
  • Lasts for years
  • Packed with protein
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Small, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ready to eat. No preparation required
Level 1 Food Plan B 
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) is a complete meal and have enough calories to get you through an entire day. Although some come with a heater, most of the contents can be eaten as packaged. They are another essential on the go meal that should be added to your food plan and a must have for any bug-out-bag. If it's good enough for our brave soldiers, its good enough for me! Food that falls under this category can last for years! 
Level 2 & 3 Food Plans
Wise Food™ or Mountain House™ packets are ideal for the Level 2 Food Plan. Shelf life is about 8 years and all they need is water.  For Level 3, Mountain House and Wise offer 30-Year canned food or bucket meals, both with 25+ year shelf life. Wise also offers now Gluten-free meals. Purchase anything, from crackers to full meals. No need for rotation-Just store and go!
Level 4 Food Plan
Long-term food storage is really quite simple once you decide to put a plan in action- All you need is 5-gallon food buckets, Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.  Instead of individual meals like in the above food plans, most people store the essential staples like wheat, rice, beans and flour for long term survival. When stored properly, they will last tens of years!
  1. Energy Bars
    Energy Bars
  2. Wise Food Products
    Wise Food Products
  3. Food Grade Plastic Pails
    Food Grade Plastic Pails
  4. Food Grade Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers
    Food Grade Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers
  5. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
    Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
  6. Mountain House Food Products
    Mountain House Food Products
Here at the Bunker we specialize in building Bug-out bags. It is the FIRST step that should be taken when someone is preparing for ANY emergency! Being prepared could save the life of you and your children and we are committed to guiding you through that process. Not only do we carry everything you need for building your bag, we also sell pre-made Bug-out bags and "Bunker Boxes" that you can customize depending on your own particular needs or situation. Stop by today and let us help you take the first step in preparedness.
Every member of your family should have a Bug-out bag, including the kids. Many people opt to keep their Bug-out bags in their vehicles, as they spend much of their time their either commuting to work and/or ferrying the kids to and from school events. We recommend a 3-day bag as most people would be able to make it home within that time frame, if traveling on foot.
Designing a Bug-out bag for adults is pretty straight forward. You need supplies that will keep you fed, hydrated, warm and able to move safely at night.
While kid's Bug-out bags need to have similar life sustaining items as you might find in an adult's bag, they should also include a familiar "comfort" item or two, such as a stuffed animal, blanket or book.
The weight of the bag is important for everyone. If you are on foot and having to travel 20 miles to get home, that could take days to accomplish. We suggest after building your bag, you should walk around with it and see how it feels.
Water is the most important survival item in any emergency, but it's heavy! All bags should have some portable water AND water filters.
Below is our list of top 10 items for your Bug-out bag:
1 Water (Portable), 2 Food (MRE's, energy bars)
3 Flashlight (hand held, crank, head lamp), 4 Water-proof matches/Insta-fire, 5 LifeStraw (water filter),  6 Emergency blanket, 7 Paracord, 8 Shemagh Scarf (multiple uses), 9 Knife, 10 Compass/Map
Depending on your emergency and terrain, below are some additional suggestions to enhance your Bug-out bag:
1 Foldable stove w/fuel, 2 Canteen cup & spork, 3 Mountain House just-add-water pouched food, 4 Small military hammock, 5 Foldable spade, 6 Emergency mirror & whistle, 7 Toilet paper (folded and put in a sandwich bag), 8 Duct tape (small rolls sold at our store), 9 Firearms/ammo, 10 Passport, etc. 11 Bug repellent, 12 Hand crank radio, 13 Solar phone charger, 14 Camo clothing, 15 Sling Shot w/ammo.
The Bunker Box is a no-frills, 3-day survival box designed for the home, office or car.  Food, fire, water and warmth!  The outer case is heavy-gauge cardboard with a built-in plastic handle-Perfect for sliding under a car seat or storing under your office desk.  Peace of mind doesn't have to be complicated!
  1. Bunker Box
    Bunker Box
  2. Bunker Box Inventory
    Bunker Box Inventory
  3. Backpacks
  4. Bug-out Bag
    Bug-out Bag
  5. Bug-out Inventory
    Bug-out Inventory
Nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with your family camping and enjoying the outdoors.
The Bunker is here to help make any outdoor adventure enjoyable, safe and in some cases, survivable.
We carry a wider range of products from the practical to the fun! Mom, dad and the kids will all find something they want for their next outing.
We are an authorized dealer of Coughlan's tm  camping gear and carry a wide range of their products in the store.
Here is just some of what we carry on hand:
  • Tents
  • Tent pulls & lighted tent stakes
  • Sleeping bags
  • Blankets/Tarps
  • Fire starters of every kind
  • Gold mining pans
  • Binoculars for adults and kids
  • Light sticks in all colors
  • Flashlingts and headlamps
  • RV/Septic toiler paper
  1. Camo Tent
    Camo Tent
  2. Lighted Tent Stakes
    Lighted Tent Stakes
  3. Humvee Binoculars
    Humvee Binoculars
  4. Canteen Sets
    Canteen Sets
  5. Fire Starter Kits
    Fire Starter Kits
We are living in a technology driven world and although some may agree too much of a good thing is bad, we are lucky to have access to many different points of view and events in real-time. That being said, we at The Bunker are information addicts! Not only do we provide articles on current events and concerns, we also carry a wide-range of books from fiction to prepping and survival.
Some of the more popular books we sell are "Survival Mom," "Build the Perfect Bug-Out-Bag," Prepper's Home Defense," and "SAS Urban Survival."
If you enjoy reading fiction apocalyptic books, here is a recommended list:
  • Going Home series by A. American
  • The End series by G. Michael Hopf
  • The Old Man and The Wasteland series by Nick Cole
  • Wool series by Hugh Howey
  • One Second After by William R. Forstchen
  • Holding Their Own series by Joe Nobody
  • Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  • Earth Abides by George R. Stewart
Prepper Groups
Starting or joining a "Prepper Group" has a lot of advantages. No one person or family can be good at everything or have everything needed for an emergency situation. That's where forming a Prepper Group comes into play! A diverse group with many talents can make the difference between life and death, and at the very least, can help with minor emergencies such as foul weather, watching out for each other's family or property, or just being there to lend a helping hand. Prepper Groups are forming all over the country and what was once viewed as extreme is now considered mainstream.
When forming a Prepper Group there are some key issues you should keep in mind. We always suggest people look first to their family members. Family is less likely to abandon your group or tell others what you have in the way of supplies. Many families have bought property together and build multiple homes on site for added security. Another advantage is your really know your family and that's an important aspect of any group.
The next step would be to look at your really close friends - friends that you deeply trust and have known for years. A Prepper Group is like no other. This is a group of people who will know what supplies you have on hand, including firearms, so it's better to be cautious upfron and have no regrets later.
The advantages of a group are simple yet profound. One person might be proficient in weaponry, but have no knowledge on how to grow food. Someone else might have experience in mechanics, but not be able to stitch up a wound. A diverse group is best! Look for people who have skill sets that enhance your odds to survive and who are loyal. Depending on your situation, a group of 6 to 10 adults is manageable. One person should be the leader, but all adults should have a vote in major decisions.
We suggest monthly meetings with an agenda covering important topics. Pick a monthly goal that the group has to concentrate on, whether it be buying supplies or learning a new skill. That way the group stays focused and committed to one another. You will be amazed at how quickly your supplies grow! Practice "dry runs" with the group, especially if you have children. Plan a night of using no electricity at your home to stimulate a power outage, or take the entire group out for a camping trip to test your outdoor skills like fire starting. Not only will you find out how well people work together, but in a real emergency it won't seem foreign and everyone will know what they have to do...especially the kids.
Some key points to think about when planning your group:
  • Security
  • Bug-out/Bug-in property
  • Military experience
  • Medical knowledge
  • Gardening experience
  • Child/Elderly care
  • Knowledge of specific threat-types, Nuclear, Plague, Martial Law, etc.
  • Location to one another
  1. One Second After by W. Forstchen
    One Second After by W. Forstchen
  2. Prepping for the family
    Prepping for the family
  3. Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
    Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
  4. Free Prepping Info
    Free Prepping Info
From novelty knives to serious hunting knives, the Bunker carries pocket knives, Bowie, machetes rescue or fixed-blade, just to name a few. We carry upwards of 400 brands, including Colt, Elk Ridge, Ka-Bar, Mora, Gerber, Condor, Cold Steel, Browning, SOG, Tac Force and Smith and Wesson...and the list goes on and on.
Regarding our ammunition, The Bunker pledges to sell ammo at the best possible prices...with no price gouging and no limits! Our in-store stock changes daily, but we work hard to keep all the popular calibers in stock. We are proud to sell PCRC ammo, which is made in Texas by Texans! PCRC is available in 308 168gr. A-max, 308 Sierra 175gr., 5.56 V-max 55gr. and 5.56 Sierra 178gr. 5.56 62gr. green tip "Penetrator" and 5.56 FMJ 55gr. are also available in 20 round boxes or 200 round sleeves.
The Bunker also stocks a variety of rifle scopes, red dot and rail mounts. The Bunker stocks (or can special order) the following gun accessories brands:
  • Simmon's
  • Leupold
  • Tasco
  • Redfield
  • Browning
  • Bushnell
  1. Green Tip Ammo
    Green Tip Ammo
  2. Simmon's Red Dot
    Simmon's Red Dot
  3. Leupold Rifle Scopes
    Leupold Rifle Scopes
  4. Mora Knives
    Mora Knives
  5. Elk Ridge Knives
    Elk Ridge Knives
  6. Title 6
    Title 6