Patriot Pantry 2-Week Food Supply in Ammo Crate

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Patriot Pantry 2 Week food supply (One person) Ammo Crate.  Large selection of food stored securely in ammo crate with locking sides.  Emergency food supplies are in high-demand! Good for 25 years when stored in cool, dry location. Just add water! Easy to carry handle and a perfect addition to your long term food storage! 


Southwest Rice (1) 8 serving pouch

Mac & Cheese  (1) 4 serving pouch

Travelers Stew (1) 4 serving pouch

Maple Grove Oatmeal (2) 8 serving pouches

Instant White Rice (2) 10 serving pouches

Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice (2) 4 serving pouches

Homestyle Potato Soup (3) 4 servings pouches

Buttermilk pancake Mix (2) 10 serving pouches